The Rettenmeier Chronicle –

Milestones in over 60 years of quality.

The history of successful companies is often inextricably linked with the leading figures in the firm. Company founder Josef Rettenmeier is the holder of three awards for his achievements, not only for his engagement as an entrepreneur but also for his honorary involvement in associations of the sawmill and timber industry. They include the Cross of Merit Ribbon, the Staufer medallion of the German state of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Cross Of Merit (First Class).

1910: Grandfather Johannes Deißler with his wife. Johannes Deißler was the village mayor of Wört and passed away in 1925. Company founder Josef Rettenmeier was born in the same year. It is said of his grandfather that he was so overjoyed at the birth of his grandson that he put the date of birth down wrongly in the birth certificate: 16 March 1925.
Bygone days: the company founder's grandmother together with his aunt and uncles (from left to right): Xaver Rettenmeier, Alfons Rettenmeier, grandmother Anna Rettenmeier, Klara Rettenmeier, Alois Rettenmeier
1931: Josef Rettenmeier spent his childhood in Wört together with his siblings Hans (born in 1914) and Anna (born in1922).
This picture shows the company's founder in 1950, proudly showing off his newly acquired Volkswagen.
Aerial photo of Wört
Schlössle Wört
Technological progress
Wört sawmill
Wilburgstetten timber yard

1946 After qualifying in forestry and working for various forestry offices, Josef Rettenmeier then moved into the timber industry. There he was employed by a pitwood trading company, responsible for organising the transport of timber from the east of Württemberg to the coal mines of Germany's Ruhrgebiet.

1948 Josef Rettenmeier set up his own company for the purchase of mining timber and paper wood. At the same time, he also took over a sawmill for producing construction and sawn timber in his home town of Wört.

1969 Technical progress and subsequent industrialisation allowed important work processes to move from the great outdoors to workshops and production halls. The first workstations were set up at the central wood machining yard and the smallwood sawmill in Wilburgstetten, where the registered office of the Holding AG are located today.

1974 Dr Josef Rettenmeier joins the company. The following year an additional planing factory was built to produce wood profiles.

1990 The company set the course for successful expansion with the takeover of a wood factory in Tannhausen/Württemberg and the construction of a new production plant in Hirschberg/Thuringia. Over the next few years the firm enjoyed dynamic growth, acquiring new sites and setting up factories.

1996 This was followed by the development of sites at Gaildorf in Baden-Württemberg and at Bugbernheim in Bavaria. This year also heralded the start of international operations with the takeover of a plant in Latvia – Rettenmeier Baltic Timber.

1999 The firm's first Slovakian production site was set up at Liptovský Hrádok – Rettenmeier Tatra Timber.

2000 All individual companies acquired until this date were brought together under the umbrella of Rettenmeier Holding AG. Founder Josef Rettenmeier left the firm in the same year.

2004 The second Slovakian production plant was taken over, giving rise to Rettenmeier Polomka Timber.

2006 The size of the site in Wilburgstetten almost increased threefold.

2007 The seventh operating company was set up in Ramstein/Rhineland-Palatinate and went into service in 2009.

2008 Rettenmeier celebrated its 60-year jubilee at a event attended by over 500 guests, employees and their families. To commemorate the firm's lengthy existence a second print run was organised for the publication 'Rettenmeier-Chronik 1948 – 2008'.

2012 The company website was completely revamped – equipped to head for further success with a fresh, new look.