Our ecological balance sheet –

because we attach importance to sustainability.

Our corporate philosophy in particular combines environmental awareness and sustainable, low-resource economic activity with the forest and the raw material wood.

Wood is a natural, ecological, and above all renewable raw material. We believe in environmentally friendly production. This starts with acquisition of the raw material wood, which we buy from German, sustainably managed forests. Our production sites Wilburgstetten, Ullersreuth and Ramstein are all very close to the most densely forested regions of Germany. This shortens transport routes, reduces pollutant emissions and helps strengthen the German forestry sector.
The careful and efficient use of resources is a particular concern of ours. In a specially created ecological balance sheet, we analyse material and energy flows to examine all relevant input and output variables. This helps to ensure the low energy consumption which is the trademark of our plants. In addition our company has its own energy generation systems at the sites of Wilburgstetten and Ullersreuth, allowing it to produce more useful energy than required for the production process.


Our philosophy includes the careful use of water as well as ensuring the efficiency of resources through optimum utilisation. Our material and energy flow analyses, the basis of the company's ecological balance sheet, examine all relevant input and output variables. This ensures that the energy consumption of our plants is so low that Rettenmeier produces more useful energy than is required for the production process. Only regenerative energy is used for power generation at Wilburgstetten and Ullersreuth – so reducing the greenhouse effect!

Why not take a look at our ecological balance sheet – available here for downloading!