Post pine in teak PI colouring, smooth, Made in Germany



Species of wood: Pine
Design: smooth, colour teak
Version: pressure-treated
Dimension: 90 x 90 mm or 70 x 70 mm 
Length: 200/300 cm



A special impregnation process is used to make pine suitable for long-term use outdoors. A licensed impregnating agent free of heavy metals is forced deep into the wood at high pressure in an autoclave system. It then bonds with the wood and prevents it from being penetrated by wood-destroying organisms for many years. The strong impregnating agent solution provides for the installation of pressure-treated wood in teak PI colouring according to hazard class 4. It may come into contact with freshwater or the ground.

This model is the ideal post for the "Sunset" screen (pine in teak PI colouring).

To prevent timber turning grey and becoming soiled, we recommend giving it a colour treatment after 6 months.



  • Very high durability
  • Quality impregnation "Made in Germany"
  • Good structural qualities
  • Solid, high-quality workmanship
  • Made from scantling or half-round timber
  • Direct contact with the ground possible