Floor plank larch partially fluted/smooth, Made in Germany

Floor plank


Species of wood: Larch
Design: partially fluted / smooth
Version: untreated

Dimension: 28 x 145 mm
Lengths: 200/300/400 cm



The European larch is one of the oldest types of wood that is used outdoors. The high levels of minerals it contains make it long-lasting and durable. Direct contact with the ground should, however, be avoided. The warm hue and decorative grain give every terrace a character of its own. The larch planks are untreated and acquire a silver-grey patina through weathering. Such discolouration can be largely prevented by the use of wood oil.





  • Resistant and durable
  • Good structural qualities
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural resistance to insect attack
  • Decorative grain
  • Warm, reddish hue